Childcare Music

In this part you will find:

  • What is childcare?
  • What is good about childcare?
  • What do you want from childcare?

What is childcare?

Childcare is the care of children, especially by a crèche, nursery, or childminder while parents are working.  Childcare is somewhere to go to play and have fun and learn new things. You can expect to have lots of different resources to play with and something for a snack

What is good about childcare?

You get:

  • A warm welcome
  • Caring, experienced and trained staff to care for you
  • Happy children who benefit from lots of interaction with staff
  • Brilliant resources designed to help you to experiment, explore and enjoy
  • Free access to safe outdoor play areas in most childcare settings
  • Access to lots of experiences including creative play, sensory exploration and quiet and relaxing times
  • Places made to soothe, nurture and inspire you
  • Spaces that can change to help enable children of different ages to play together and learn from each other
  • A chance to play with you friends

What do you want from childcare?

we would love to hear what you have to say about about childcare  or what you would like from childcare in Neath Port Talbot and what you want from your childcare! Contact NPT Family on or 01639 873018

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